LeRoy Grubbs Artist Statement

As an artist the phrase “Naked I Stand Before Thee” represents complete exposure. There is a lot of pride in my work and effort to create, lots of details. The interaction of pride with comments creates a lot of reflection with in. Being internally shy, sensitive and caring about the impressions people have is rear-ly seen by the world.  How do people get “Macho in a small package”?

I am personally amazed every time a piece of work finds a home with someone that has to have it.  I have often invited friends to visit just to watch which work or piece will attract them. It is a humbling experience to see the reactions. To be able to take this God given inspirations and create works of art.

Current work:

Doing shows, demonstrations, live exhibitions for community events. Working on life size bronze sculptures of various subjects. Current work has been on display at RedStar / Belger Art Center (Christmas Sale), The Artist Venue in Crown Plaza, Images Art Gallery in Overland Park and live demos on the street this summer.


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